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Stuck on something? Want to talk to a experienced software developer? I can help you. First 30 minutes are free. No cure, no-pay: if you’re not satisfied I won’t charge. Click here to make an appointment for a video-call


Snowflake is an emerging company that offers cloud based data storage and analyses, ‘data warehouse-as-a-service’. Snowflake makes setting up your data-warehouse very easy. But how do you get data in snowflake? And how can you use Snowflake effectively?
With years of experience in big-data, databases and software-development, and extensive experience in snowflake I can help you.


Kafka is event-streaming platform. Software-Creation can help your organization on getting started using Kafka.

  • Training on using Kafka.
  • Advise on use-cases, for what problems is Kafka appropriate?

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Freelance development

I can help you with your software project as tech lead and senior software developer. I prefer contact with ‘the business’, stake-holders, marketing and real customers and prospected users, to get to the real why. I have experience with hand-one development and coaching junior and medior developers as well as being a sparring partner with management, and what is needed to get from what to how. See my CV for my post experience.