Welcome to my new weblog on ICT.  I am Gerbrand van Dieijen, JEE consultant with a broad interest in all aspects of software-engineering. On this weblog I’ll post thoughts, opinions, analyses on trends and tutorials on IT-related subjects.

This weblog is not as new as it may seem: www.twistedmind.nu is my older weblog. This weblog is in Dutch and contains also a lot of postings on ICT. I decided to start a new weblog for two reasons:

  • My old weblog was in Dutch. Using English I can serve a bigger audience (so to speak). I some people viewed postings using google translate, so it’s not only vanity of me.
  • This new weblog is dedicated to ICT-related subjects. On my old weblog I have and will posted not-it related and often more personal articles.

All in all a good reason to start a new weblog. I hope to gain a lot more hits and positive or constructive comments very soon!